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Plans for a Creative Reuse Centre and Scrapstore

One of our goals is to encourage people to reduce waste and reuse/repurpose items in their crafting projects.

We are in the process of setting up a Creative Reuse Centre and Scrapstore and have already been receiving and distributing surplus crafting items and other resources.

We are also planning to run workshops creating items from scrap fabric, old book pages, broken jewellery, part used paints etc.

Free wellbeing packs

We are always looking for ways to reach out to people who are experiencing mental health challenges or living with long term health conditions.

This year, we started to produce and distribute free wellbeing packs.  These packs typically contain:

  • a wellbeing journal or mental wellbeing book

  • a lip salve or handcream and antibacterial hand lotion (because self care is important)

  • a note book or sketchbook

  • a selection of stationery items and colouring pens

  • a glue stick and craft scissors

  • a papercrafting pack

  • a collage pack and blank sheets of card

We have distributed over 100 wellbeing packs locally so far, including some via the Social Prescribing Team ,others via the Salvation Army and Belle's Place and to individuals as well.

We  continue to produce wellbeing packs and accept requests from individuals as well as organisations.

Get in touch if you would like a pack - we can  also tailor the packs to suit specific requirements and can add extra craft supplies too. 

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