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Take a look at the projects we are planning to run - these will be held in local, accessible venues at various times during the week and at the weekend.  
If you have a carer or support worker, they are welcome to come to any sessions with you, free of charge.

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Image by Lesly Juarez
Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Creativity for Wellbeing

Ilfracombe Library, Fridays 11am-1pm

This project is aimed at helping you to improve your mental wellbeing, by doing something creative!

Using different crafting activities, you will explore ways of boosting your confidence and self esteem. 

The project will include journalling, printmaking, doodling, collage and slow stitiching.  You will have the opportunity to try new techniques, have fun and develop ideas to help you manage your mental health.

Mindful Crafting

If you're looking for a little peace and quiet in a busy world, this could be for you!

Taking time for yourself, to do something creative and absorbing, can really help to bring some inner calm.

This project will offer you the chance to learn about crafting mindfully and to work on an individual project.

All resources will be provided - you are welcome to bring along a project if you prefer.

Journalling for Wellbeing


If you feel the need to explore your feelings and how you express yourself, why not try journalling?

Using a variety of techniques you will be able to create a journal to use as a way of exploring your emotions and identifying patterns of behaviour. 

We will combine traditional journalling with a creative twist so that you can express yourself more freely.

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